One of the challenges and rewards of running a small business, especially a retail bakery, is that you must make connections with local residents in order to build up your customer base.
As a small business, you may not have the advantage that a national chain has in name recognition. Therefore, a little creativity is sometimes necessary to market to the people who will be able to walk into your shop on a regular basis.
The U.S. Small Business Administration provides 10 marketing strategies for attracting customers in your local area:
1. Manage Your Listing in Search Engines
2. Target Nearby Social Media Users
3. Participate With Online Professional Groups
4. Sponsor Local Events
5. Follow Up With Customers
6. Register With Local Business Directories
7. Cross-Promote With Other Local Businesses
8. Start a Referral Program
9. Introduce Yourself to Local Media
10. Host an “Experience” Event
Investigate these strategies further if you believe they apply to your business. The SBA provides plenty of resources to help small businesses grow, and Retail Bakers of America is a trade association committed to the success of the retail baking industry that can assist you in developing knowledge and skills for success.