Image courtesy of Gastro Garage
Hollywood’s latest flaming hot culinary experience is guaranteed to have its guests talking about it for a long time.


Gastro Garage in Hollywood, California is a pop-up dining experience where the chefs are "gastro mechanics" who literally set the food on fire.  These gastro mechanics assemble gourmet sandwiches and desserts on site by filling them with a flavorful nitrous foam, covering them in torched toppings, and dousing them in flames to create a perfect toasted flavor.



Adam Manacker, James Campbell, and Stewart Levine worked alongside innovators such as José Andrés and Wolfgang Puck to make Gastro Garage and its innovative style a reality. They want to transform the food experience.


“We are not chefs. We are gastro mechanics!” says Levine at the start of his pop-up dinner events, which routinely involve “Ghostbusters”-ish outfits, with goggles and backpacks, drills and blowtorches.


The people behind Gastro Garage are only putting it on for another few weeks, but plans are in place to eventually open a full restaurant in Los Angeles.