During the upcoming spring wedding season, cake makers will be looking to create gorgeous cakes that match individual wedding themes.


While these cakes will come in many sizes, shapes, and colors, the big trend for wedding cakes in 2017 is to replicate the overall aesthetic of the wedding and the personality of the couple. People are looking for a way to link the dessert portion of their wedding to the rest of the ceremony and reception.


Couples can develop ideas for their wedding cakes in any number of places. For instance, a bride’s gown may provide the basis for a design. According to Nikki Lefort of Nikki's Frosted Fantasies, this is becoming a popular trend at her shop. “I do a lot of lace piping. The bride sends me a snapshot of the lace detail, and then I mimic that,” she says.


The reception itself may be another source of inspiration. The beautiful ornate molding in a ballroom venue or the pattern from the china that was registered for can be a creative jumping off point.


Many are looking for wedding cakes to be an extension of their personalities. At Melissa’s Fine Pastries, owner Melissa Samuels says that her team recommends the couple create an inspiration board with images of items from the wedding and the ideas they evoke. “An expression of the client and extension of the event, to us, makes the perfect cake. It allows us a glimpse into their wedding style, a place to draw from for the cake design," she says. "A color scheme, monogram, floral arrangement or invitation style can really help inspire the cake design.”


Options such as a metallic design, watercolor painted design, or elegant floral arrangements can be great for couples who prefer more visually-stunning displays. On the other hand, some couples may have a personality that matches a more stripped down, deconstructed approach. Naked cakes gained in popularity because of that reason, and depending on the season each layer can be filled with berries or other seasonal fruits.


The ideal wedding cake is more than a centerpiece representing the aesthetic of the celebration. It adds to the beauty of the ceremony and the enjoyment of the wedding guests. A great wedding cake is also a great marketing tool for your bakery – when others see your excellent work, they may be inspired to seek out your services for their big days!