Evan Andres of Columbia City Bakery in Seattle, Washington originally had much different plans for a career. After graduating from University of California Davis in 1992 with a degree in environmental policy analysis, he had the option to make a living writing environmental impact reports for a firm in San Francisco.

Instead, Andres chose to pursue a career in baking, and the residents of Seattle are no doubt grateful for that decision. His bakery is considered one of the best in a city already known for having a large number of high quality bakeries.

Following a ten year journey working as a baker in California and Seattle, Evan Andres finally was able to purchase his own bakery in 2005. Since then, Columbia City Bakery has grown and developed along with its neighborhood.

Columbia City Bakery is known for its excellent breads and pastries, including Andres’ Pain de Campagne (desert island bread). In fact, CCB’s bread is now served in some of Seattle's finest restaurants.

Evan Andres believes that the factor that makes CCB special and differentiates it from other local and national bakeries is the commitment from each employee. “Everyone at CCB wants to be here. Everyone gives 100 percent participation to be the best baker, co-worker, barista, friend, employee that they can be. We all care for each other and it comes through our products and service,” he told Seattle Magazine.

Evan Andres is a multiple-time semifinalist for the James Beard Foundation’s Outstanding Baker award.