The past few years have seen a meteoric rise in digital marketing for businesses of all sizes. More people are online than ever and social media platforms continue to climb in users, which is a clear indicator of where businesses should be focusing their attention.

Sites such as Facebook and Twitter have made advertising easier and cheaper than ever. With just a few clicks, any business can send a targeted ad to any specific demographic. Predictably, this has become a primary source of reaching customers for many businesses, but is it the only way a business should try to reach customers?

The U.S. Small Business Administration recently published a piece arguing that digital advertising should be one of many, not the only, forms of advertising. According to the SBA, recent studies suggest that consumers like and trust traditional advertising much more than digital advertising.

In a MarketingSherpa study, it was revealed that eight in 10 consumers say they trust print advertising (82 percent) and television advertising (80 percent) when making a purchasing decision, more so than digital advertising.

The argument being made is not that digital advertising doesn’t have its place – in fact, for many retail bakeries it is simply the cost-effective way to advertise. However, SBA offers the alternative of integrating your online presence with traditional advertising. Using both hand-in-hand allows you to reach a wider range of people interested in your product.