Image courtesy of Weddingbells

While fewer weddings tend to happen in the winter, they are still quite frequent across the country. As each couple looks for a cake to add something special to their celebration, bakeries are looking for the next big way to stand out from the pack.

The latest technique that has made its way to retail bakeries this winter is inspired by the season itself. Using a knitting pattern with fondant, bakers are creating cakes that resemble your favorite cold weather sweater.

While this Scandanavian style has been around for awhile, it is now crossed over to American bakeries whose customers appreciate the beautiful textures.

Image courtesy of Erica O'Brien Cake Design

There are multiple ways to pull this off on a wedding cake, depending on your preference. Strands of fondant can be overlayed and twisted to create the cable-knit appearance, or the texture can be created using a dot piping technique. A simpler option would be to use a wavy crimper in vertical lines all around the cake.

Winter weddings are unique in their overall themes, and this style of cake is sure to add a cozy feeling to the cold weather nuptials.