National Popcorn Day celebrates an overwhelmingly popular snack.

Americans will celebrate a time-honored treat on Thursday, January 19th, popcorn. This scrumptious snack can be simple or gourmet, salty or sweet, but almost always satisfying.

Popcorn is beloved by millions here in the United States. In fact, 92 out of 100 Americans love popcorn, according to a National Today survey. The National Today data science team surveyed 1,000 Americans about their popcorn preferences, and came up with some fascinating results.

Aside from the overwhelming approval of popcorn among those surveyed, the results also show that it is enjoyed in a wide variety of flavors. The classic butter and salt is unsurprisingly the most popular flavor, with 73% of survey takers saying they enjoy it. Cheese came in second with 37%, followed by caramel (32%) garlic salt (15%), chocolate (14%), plain (13%), cinnamon and sugar, truffle butter, hot sauce, and jalapeno.

The movie theater was the most popular occasion to enjoy popcorn, followed very closely by any time when watching TV or movies. Other notable occasions include as a late night snack, as an easy snack at home, and at the office.

Popcorn is celebrated for its taste and versatility, of course, but also because it’s often a healthy alternative, it’s fast and easy to make, it’s filling, and it is usually enjoyed while making good memories.

Many bakeries around the country have found that serving gourmet popcorn can be a huge moneymaker for them. Americans eat a record 13 billion quarts of popcorn each year, and any establishment would be wise to get in on that success.