Following up on its popular “I Love Bread” video, the grain-based foods industry has partnered again with artist Parry Gripp with the introduction of “Eat a Sandwich.” Produced as a partnership between Bakery Equipment Manufacturers and Allied and the Grain Foods Foundation, the animated music video celebrates sandwiches from hoagies and lobster rolls to BLT's.

The video features the same characters as “I Love Bread” and has been a popular video online.

“We’re excited to release the second part of our content series with GFF to support the whole industry and engage with consumers in a fun and unique way,” says Kerwin Brown, president and chief executive officer of BEMA. “This video will have you singing along and make you crave everyone’s favorite lunch treat — sandwiches!”

Mr. Gripp has produced many humorous videos with food themes, including a few others with grain-based themes, which can be found at his YouTube channel.