2017 Nobel Prize nominee Daryl Thompson has partnered with Holista CollTech Limited, a research-driven biotech company, to patent the world’s first all-natural low glycemic index (GI) sugar. Thompson is considered an emerging thought leader in carbohydrate chemistry.

Low GI sugar, made from all-natural ingredients, tastes just as sweet as traditional applications but is digested slower. Unlike artificial sweeteners, this sugar can be melted, baked, and caramelized in cooking. When consumed, it reduces the rate that glucose is digested throughout the body.  

“The low-GI sugar mimics how nature adds sugars found in fruits and vegetables. Sugar in nature is low-GI and our formula is based on this insight. It satisfies all the sensory requirements of sugar. It also can replace sugar in its many industrial applications with minimal formulation challenges,” says Rajen Manicka, Chairman and CEO of Holista.

An alternative to artificial sweeteners has been sought after for some time. Health-conscious consumers are demanding low calorie and chemical-free foods that don’t compromise on flavor and sweetness.

“In today's day and age we have an urgent need to create smarter foods. The low-GI Sugar formulation incorporates key strategies that have been developed by nature to deliver a more biologically sound and health conscience sweetener. The potential impact on the food industry could be significant,” says Thompson.