Image courtesy of Pascale Bar & Grill/Facebook


As reported by Broadsheet Melbourne, Pascale Bar & Grill is an Australian eatery that creates some truly unique desserts. Some examples of this are its Birds Milk (floating meringue with almond, raspberry, milk anglaise and caramel sauce) and its popular Napolean  Blanky (French pastry that consists of layers of razor-thin puff pastry and raspberry cream filling).

Its newest, and potentially most noteworthy creation, however, is its Rustic Chocolate Stoves. They are literally what the names suggests - miniature chocolate stoves. Chef Youssef Aderdour was inspired by NYC dishes, and used that inspiration to create a delicious and fun dessert.

“People raise their head when they see the stove go by. And when it arrives at their table, they’re excited to see the extent of the detail,” Chef Aderdour says.

It is made in a time-consuming process. First, chocolate is melted and tempered to make it thin and crackly. Templates are cut for the shapes of the stove. Hazelnut biscuit and mousse cake make up the base of the stove, made the day after the chocolate.

“It’s a great team effort to create a dessert that can be delivered with the same quality, whether we’re making just one, two, or a thousand chocolate stoves,” he says.