Apple Spice and Banana Chocolate Chip debut as the newest flavors of the extended line of PanFree Predeposited 18 oz. Loaf Cake Batters from Bake'n Joy. As part of the FreshBakes (freezer to oven) line of predeposited muffin, loaf, and cake batters, these 18 oz. loaves go directly on a sheet pan for hassle–free cycle baking. All Bake'n Joy's FreshBakes predeposited batters are trans fat free.
The Apple Spice loaf is a delectable combination with sweet chunks of apple, cinnamon bursts, and a delightful blend of cinnamon and other spices. The cinnamon taste can be enhanced by topping with Bake'n Joy's Gourmet Cinnamon Streusel.
The Banana Chocolate Chip loaf is sweetened with banana puree, loaded with chocolate chips, and finished off with a touch of molasses. The banana puree makes this a moist loaf cake with the surprising delight of yummy chocolate. 
PanFree Predeposited Loaf Cake Batters are premeasured and deposited into paper–lined aluminum pans and flash frozen for the freshest taste and perfect performance. The pans are placed in plastic carrier trays, 6 per layer, for easy handling and are packed 18 to a case for convenient storage.