Image courtesy of Facebook

The social media platform Facebook plans to make its latest success in the foodservice industry. Recently announced, the company will be building a food-delivery feature that will join a list of other new features meant to connect users with local businesses in easier and faster ways.

This food-delivery feature will allow users to order directly from restaurants, bakeries, and other establishments. The process will be as simple as clicking “Start Order” at the top of on any restaurant’s Facebook Page that uses or Slice.

People who have a credit card on file with Facebook can pay with that, and the company says it won’t be taking a cut of the profits or use orders for targeted ads (although many will be skeptical of these claims).

Some other exciting announcements by Facebook to connect people with businesses:

  • Get recommendations from friends. When you write a post asking for suggestions on businesses, you can turn on Recommendations for that post, allowing friends to comment with suggestions and then saving them in one place.
  • Revamped Events bookmark which will make exploring events easier.
  • Request appointments with businesses, view their entire slate of services and offerings, then they’ll get back to you on Messenger to confirm your appointment.
  • Businesses pages will also have the option of including a “Get a Quote” button.