Tickets are now available for Dominique Ansel's Dessert Barbeque

The creator of the Cronut and many other food innovations, Dominique Ansel, has announced that he will launch a new dining experience at his primary location in New York.

Dominique Ansel has been on a roll lately, with the recent opening of his bakery’s newest location in London, and he’ll look to continue that with his latest project. At the U.P. (Unlimited Potential), the upstairs tasting table and experimental space at his New York West Village location, he will be hosting Dominique’s Dessert Barbeque. This exciting endeavor will give customers access to an interactive tableside cooking extravaganza inspired by communal barbecue traditions and techniques like fondue, yakiniko, roasts, and raclettes.

The communal feast will consist of several courses. For starters, the meal will feature Concord grape gelee with confit and fried Concord grape skins tossed in Hawaiian Li Hing Mui powder; King oyster mushroom braised in jasmine tea, tempura fried, and serviced with hazelnut praline and pomegranate molasses; and Marcona almonds with bamboo honey, with hints of sea salt and lavender.

Following that will be the main course, with sweet items such as: Pistachio financier with melted mozzarella and orange oil; beer-poached Bosc pears finished with lemon thyme; maple-roasted cedar-smoked butternut squash; passion fruit caramel rum bananas; cherry clafoutis; and butter-roasted crumble.

Warm Castella cake will take the place of bread on the table. This Japanese sponge cake can be dipped into Ansel's own sweet corn hot chocolate.

Tickets went on sale yesterday, October 24th on Ansel’s website. Customers can purchase tickets for $55 for seatings at 7:30pm and 9:30pm beginning November 9th.