Angelic Bakehouse is offering its products in more than 100 SuperTarget stores across the United States, continuing a nationwide expansion that has seen the company move its product into major retailers in recent months, including Costco. Angelic’s specialty lines of sprouted mash hamburger buns, dinner rolls, wraps and baguettes are now available in 114 SuperTarget stores across the country.

“We’re constantly bringing exciting and unique products to the sprouted category,” says Jenny Marino, chief executive officer and president of Angelic Bakehouse. “Our expansion in SuperTarget is a major opportunity for us to introduce some of these specialty products to new audiences. We’re taking the sprouted category beyond sliced bread, and Angelic fans can’t get enough.”

In addition to buns, rolls, wraps and baguettes, Angelic makes a specialty line of sprouted pizza crusts. The company also launched its first snack and deli line of sprouted bread crisps in September.

Product development isn’t the bakery’s only area of innovation, Angelic says. The company also is setting its products apart from other baked foods with a proprietary sprouting process, which amplifies nutrition, taste and texture. This process results in the bakery’s sprouted mash ingredient, which includes whole grains of red wheat berries, oat groats, rye berries, barley, millet and two ancient grains, quinoa and amaranth.