(Image courtesy of The Bagel Nook)

A Buzzfeed Food video released in early August detailed a hot item in New Jersey that is taking a creative and delicious spin on a classic baked good.

Bagel Nook in Freehold, New Jersey specializes in a bagel variation known as overload bagels. These unique treats gained a national spotlight through the Buzzfeed Food video and are now an incredibly popular product for Bagel Nook.

"We had people come from over an hour away," said Bagel Nook co-owner David Berkowitz. "It was so, so, so busy because of the video."

Overload bagels are flavored and filled with cream cheese and tasty toppings. Some of the popular bagels include Cookie Dough (cookie dough cream cheese topped with cookies on a cocoa puff bagel), Elvis (peanut butter swirl cream cheese, crispy bacon, topped with sliced banana, on a french toast bagel), and cereal flavors like Fruity Pebbles, Cocoa Puff, and Cap’N Crunch.



But the pride and joy of Bagel Nook, and its most famous item, is the Oreo Overload Bagel. It’s a vanilla-chocolate swirl bagel, topped with cookies-and-cream cream cheese, and whole Oreo cookies, which soften and meld with the filling.

If you’re disappointed that these bagels only appear to be available in New Jersey, don’t be. Bagel Nook ships their products nationwide through Goldbely, an online food marketplace.

Berkowitz says that they are getting significantly more online orders, which is forcing them to grow at a faster rate. He believes they can handle the increase in sales, though.

"We're getting inquiries from people in England, Australia, Turkey. We've gotten so many online orders since the video was published. It's exciting."