Portland, Maine-based Scratch Baking started in 2004 as a bakery. The owners found great success with their business, but they’ve always had a dream of opening another kind of operation.

Starting this year, they will open a toast bar that fulfills that dream. Located in a former gas station, this business will not only expand on Scratch Baking’s bagel-and-bread-making operations, but will specialize in the comfort food that it’s named after.

In fact, the location will even resemble a toaster, as the garage has been converted to look like one. The building will soon be outfitted with black handles to complete the transition.

Scratch’s toast bar will also serve traditional café fare, including coffee from local roasters.

"Toast is my go-to comfort food and always has been," says Allison Reid, who co-owns Scratch Baking with Bob Johnson. "Opening a toast bar has been my dream for 12 years."