TetherBox has announced its national rollout to colleges and universities across the United States.

“Parents and loved ones collectively spend hundreds of millions of dollars annually on college care packages while subscription boxes represent a billion dollar industry,” says Lynn Holdsworth, co-creator of TetherBox. “Offering a convenient and needed service while combining these two markets provided an excellent opportunity to tap into.”

TetherBox college care packages are filled with five to seven specially curated snacks, unique personal care products, useful gadgets and fun surprises hand-picked by the company’s network of student ambassadors from colleges around the U.S.

“Most of us don’t have time to bake cookies and wait in line at the post office,” Holdsworth says. “That’s where TetherBox comes in. Our service gives parents the opportunity to connect with their student in a special way every month and it reminds their child know how much they are loved and missed.”

To learn more, visit http://www.tetherbox.com.