When a person gets his or her teeth whitened, a common ingredient is hydrogen peroxide, which many people have reported to have caused them pain and sensitivity in their teeth afterwards. This leaves many looking for that extra clean look searching for more natural, less painful ways of whitening.

Lucky for them, there are foods that can help serve that purpose. According to The Alternative Daily, some of these foods include:

1. Coconut oil – Used in cooking, this oil has many healthful effects but can also be used to whiten teeth through a process called oil pulling.

2. Crunchy fruits and vegetables – The act of chewing these foods helps to remove scraps of food and bacteria from your mouth while also helping to gently remove surface stains.

3. Lemons – Citric acid found in this fruit has been known to be effective in removing some stains from teeth.

4. Strawberries – These also contain citric acid, as well as something called malic acid, which combine to form a strong stain remover.

5. Bananas – Rich materials found in bananas such as potassium and magnesium are absorbed into your teeth’s enamel and have whitening effects.

You’ll notice that these mostly involve fruit. If you offer a fruit selection at your bakery, perhaps you can market it as a cheaper and more delicious way to keep your teeth looking white, although a trip to the dentist every now and then is recommended also.