The U.S. Department of Agriculture forecast 2016 U.S. cranberry production at 8,591,700 (100-lb) barrels, up slightly from an upwardly revised 8,563,000 barrels in 2015 and the second highest on record after 8,957,400 barrels in 2013.

Expected lower production in four of the top five producing states was more than offset by forecast higher production in top-producing Wisconsin.

Cranberry production in Wisconsin was forecast at 5,209,700 barrels, up 7% from 2015 and equal to 61% of total U.S. production. Output in No. 2 producer Massachusetts was forecast at 2,070,000 barrels, down 12% from 2015. Production in New Jersey was forecast at 588,000 barrels, down 1%, in Oregon at 530,000 barrels, down 6%, and in Washington at 194,000 barrels, down 2%.

“Growers in Wisconsin expect a better than average year as mostly favorable weather conditions were reported, despite a few isolated reports of hail damage,” the U.S.D.A. says.