Do you know the Donut Man? The Donut Man, the Donut Man. That lives on Route 66?

California residents may sing this variation on The Muffin Man as they travel to Glendora to visit a donut shop known for its unique treats.

Every year during the season, The Donut Man makes a decadent glazed donut stuffed with succulently ripe peaches. These high quality donuts bring in thousands of visitors looking for a seasonal sweet.

The Donut Man is known for its fruit-stuffed donuts, most notably the peach version but also a strawberry version that is a hit as well. Unfortunately, customers can only get these when the fruit is in season, meaning that the peach donuts are only for the short term.

The Donut Man has a wide variety of delicious treats besides its fruit-stuffed donuts, including many traditional favorites alongside items such as Tiger Tails and Peanut Butter Crème donuts.

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