Huntsville's Main St. Café & Bakery began baking "homemade pop tarts" earlier this year. They are a tasty variation on the kind you may buy in stores.

According to, these fresh and gooey concoctions come in peach, chocolate raspberry, and cinnamon brown sugar flavors. They’re made from buttered pie dough, filled with homemade preserves, and topped with icing.

While homemade pop tarts are not easy to make, Main. St. owner Angel Azar says that they’re worth the effort.

"It's very time consuming. We crimp the sides (of the pastries) with a fork. It doesn't compare to anything you buy at the store. It's not even close."

Having seen other bakeries make similar treats, Main St. was inspired to create its own signature menu item. Perhaps their work will inspire other bakeries to create new treats with the same labor and love.