Beth Augustine of Grand Ledge, Michigan’s Flour Child Bakery has been innovative in her approach to bagels.

All of the bagels she makes are boiled.  "That's how you get the chewy exterior,” Augustine says.

Beth Augustine's claim to fame is that she offers over 40 different types of bagels — from the classic plain and salted to cranberry walnut, Asiago, s'mores, potato cheddar chive, and cherry white chocolate. There's even a birthday bagel, which contains chunks of cake and sprinkles.

"Name something, and I will turn it into a bagel," Augustine says. "I'm dead serious. Once you master the plain bagel, then you can blossom from there."

She views it as a creative outlet and describes herself a mad scientist.

In late August, she expects that Flour Child Bakery’s new location will be open to the public. It will include all of her famous recipes, along with a coffee and tea bar. After working out of her home for several years, Augustine says that “it's simply time to set up permanent shop in [her] hometown.”