Molinos de Puerto Rico, the flour milling business of Ardent Mills in Puerto Rico, has been named the manufacturing company of the year by the island’s Chamber of Food Marketing, Industry and Distribution. Known by the Spanish acronym MIDA, the chamber represents supermarket chains and other retailers, food and beverage distributors and food processors. The group’s membership accounts for an estimated 90% of food and related products consumed in Puerto Rico.

“Any time we are recognized by the community, it carries a special meaning about how we contributed to its overall health, growth and success,” says Jon Stuewe, president of Molinos de Puerto Rico. “Being specifically recognized by MIDA is an honor for Molinos and our team members.”

Later this year, Molinos de Puerto Rico will be hosting the Latin-American Association of Milling Industries 2016 (ALIM) and the Caribbean Millers Association convention. Molinos de Puerto Rico products include Amapola brand flour and corn meal.