How will businesses (including bakeries) adapt to mobile payment methods such as Apple Pay? Intuit recently asked that question.

The “digital wallet” refers to the growing trend of customers making payments through the preferred mobile app payment method from the chosen financial services institution, all without a credit or debit card needing to be present or swiped. Depending on the digital wallet or mobile payment app used, consumers may wave their smartphones, tap their smartphones, use a PIN number, or some combination of the above to pay via the app.

While it hasn’t been fully embraced yet for a variety of reasons, including security concerns and doubts over its usefulness, consumers are taking to this new form of payment as many more functions are rolled into our smartphones.

Food service establishments that resist embracing this new technology may risk losing business, especially among on-the-go customers.

Intuit claims that the future is here, and planning ahead can keep your bakery ahead of the curve.