Fare Well, the new bistro and bakery in Washington D.C. from Sticky Fingers owner Doron Petersan, offers a plant-based menu in a traditional diner setting.

The design invokes a classic diner look, with everything from a pastry case to a lunch counter.

The diner's menu items, courtesy of Petersan and chef Amanda Desaulniers, are all vegan, whether it be French toast casserole, perogi, buffalo cauliflower dip, or the baked goods Sticky Fingers is known for.

Initially Fare Well will be open Wednesday through Sunday, breakfast through dinner, and weekend bar hours. Petersan says she hopes to expand the opening days, and also offer neighborhood-oriented perks like a kid-and-parent-friendly happy hour. The aim is to embody the welcoming aspects of a diner instead of preaching a plant-based lesson.

To see photos of the bakery, go to D.C. Eater.