A bakery in St. Paul, Minnesota has been delivering an old favorite in an old-school way, to great success.

Brake Bread is a bike delivery service that brings fresh baked bread to customers’ homes. The name of the company makes reference to bicycle parts but also is ‘a reflection of what good bread and bicycling encompass… slowing down for good things’, according to its website.

Nate Houge and Micah Taylor have been baking bread since 2014. The co-owners have found so much success with their convenient service that they now have opened up a physical shop for customers to buy bread.

The duo ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to help open the new bakery, which is at 1174 W. Seventh St. in St. Paul.

Customers who live outside the delivery zone, or who simply want to walk in and purchase a loaf whenever their schedule allows, can get the bread now.

Taylor said that they will offer scones and an assortment of other baked goods, toast and drip coffee soon and espresso eventually. The bread selection will rotate, and offerings will increase as the bakery staffs up in response to demand.

Brake Bread’s current selections include: Gone Awry (sourdough rye bread with barley), Classic Cruiser (naturally leavened with a hint of wheat and a dark rich crust), Granny Gear (a rustic lean bread with a slight nutty flavor and an open crumb), Poppy Wheelie Sesame (naturally leavened bread with toasted poppy seeds and sesame seeds), Flip Flop (half white half whole wheat bread), and Single Speed (a rustic lean bread with a chewy crust and a moist open crumb).