Across the country, bakers are looking to update their workspaces with the latest in innovative baking equipment in order to produce the highest quality product for their customers.

From Michigan to Texas, and from California to New York, bakeries are looking to stay ahead of the game. Slicers, mixers, and double rack ovens are at the top of the wish list for many of their kitchens.

“Currently, the piece of equipment that I've been pricing out is a double rack oven,” says Enzo Ventrella of Il Giardino del Dolce in Chicago, Illinois.

Double rack ovens were the most recent purchase of El Bolillo Bakery in Houston, Texas. Owner Kirk Michaelis says that they were a priority for his bakery, so they bought a couple of Baxter/Hobart brands.

The need to bake uniformly and timely is a concern for many bakers. Solveig Tofte of Sun Street Breads in Minneapolis, Minnesota hopes to acquire one very soon. “I really want a convection oven that bakes evenly. We have double stack convection ovens on the hot line (we have a cafe) which are fine, but we have to rotate everything and it's on the other end of the building. My bakers would be so happy if there was an oven on our side of the shop that baked uniformly,” she says.

For those that bake bread daily, a quality slicer makes all the difference. Robert Jucker of Three Brothers Bakery in Houston says that his bakery recently purchased an Oliver SimpleSlice Pro-Serve Slicer Model 918-N that has added speed and safety to their process.

While local, fresh-made products are increasing in popularity, the market for individually-wrapped goods is always present. “There is more and more demand for local products, but consumers still want the safety of individual bags,” says Drew Allen of Taylor’s Bakery in Indianapolis, Indiana, which is why they are on the lookout for a Bosch Pack 101 horizontal flow wrapper.