Angry Orchard Cider Company and New York City-based The Doughnut Project have announced that they've teamed up to bring the former's hard cider and the most under-appreciated doughnut variety together into a one-of-a-kind creation on National Doughnut Day: the Angry Fritter.

When people think of doughnuts, they think of perfect circles with a traditional doughnut hole, but the Angry Fritter is anything but typical. Made from a special fritter dough and infused with Angry Orchard hard cider, the Angry Fritter's crispy outside, crunchy apple slices, and doughy inside make it a delicious treat to enjoy on its own, or with a balanced cider.

This hard cider-infused treat will be available for a limited time on National Doughnut Day, Friday, June 3, at The Doughnut Project's West Village location and at Angry Orchard's Innovation Cider House on the Angry Orchard in Walden, New York. For folks who won't be able to make it to either of these locations, the recipe is available for home bakers around the country here.

"With the Angry Fritter, we wanted to build on the long history of cider doughnuts available at orchards and farm stands up and down the east coast, but with our own twist," said Ryan Burk, head cider maker at Angry Orchard. "We had a blast working with the folks at The Doughnut Project to experiment in the kitchen making this fritter with our Crisp Apple."

"We love a good challenge, and we couldn't wait to work with Angry Orchard on National Doughnut Day. We really felt it was time to show the apple fritter some extra love in a world of doughnuts with holes, where it can feel a little left out," says Leslie Polizzotto, co-founder of The Doughnut Project. "This creation is an example of our inventive approach to small batch baking, and we can't wait for people to give it a try. The hard cider in this recipe provides the perfect amount of juicy fresh apple notes that balance the fritter's doughy goodness."