Chicago's artisan bakery Turano Baking Company is going the extra mile to expand its bread delivery to Indianapolis restaurants.

Starting in April, Turano's signature trucks will begin to fill the streets of Indianapolis to share their family tradition of over 50 years. Turano's artisan breads can already be found in Illinois, Northwest Indiana, Wisconsin, and now, Indianapolis—expanding their reach throughout the Midwest.

The expansion to Indianapolis is the result of a growing demand from the top restaurateurs and chefs for fresh artisan rolls and breads from Turano Baking Co. “Over the past 50+ years, our family has been fortunate to have supported and worked with the premier restaurateurs and chefs in the Midwest.  We are excited to expand our reach to support the culinary talents of Indianapolis,” says Turano’s Head of Marketing, Mario Turano.

Indianapolis has recently experienced a culinary revitalization with an influx of specialty restaurant concepts from all over the world. Some have even received national attention from the likes of Bon Appetit Magazine and the James Beard Foundation. The downtown area now bustles with activity every day of the week, and frequently hosts events and food experiences that attract both locals and outside travelers. The draw to Indianapolis is the abundance of fresh meats and produce from local farmers, perfect for restaurateurs looking to deliver on quality. Turano Baking Co. is excited to be part of that growing culinary community.