Success is sweet, as Jesse Stinson can tell you. Based on her talents as a team leader and senior scientist at Corbion Caravan’s Bakery Ingredient Innovation Center, Stinson has been named the new application manager of the Sweet Bakery Goods team.

The team is part of a foundational service at Corbion Caravan: The company has provided research and development, technical support, and innovative products to bakers for more than 100 years.

“There’s always something new to learn and discover in baking,” says Stinson. “This role will give me the opportunity to work with a great team, push the boundaries, and find new ways to help our customers succeed.”

Stinson has worked at Corbion Caravan for more than eight years. Her areas of expertise include ingredient functionality, enzyme technology, industrial bread formulation, mold inhibition in bakery systems, texture analysis, and project management.