The facelift is complete on the Backlot at Park Road Shopping Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, and new retailers, improved connectivity and charming storefronts will offer a new dimension to the shopping experience there..

Retailers opening soon include Amelie's Bakery, which is opening in early 2017. French pastries and handcrafted coffee drinks are staples at Amelie's Bakery, but their offerings extend even further. They stay true to the art form of French pastry but incorporate seasonal and fresh ingredients – in addition to perfecting flavor combinations in salads, sandwiches and savory pastries for lunch and dinner. Amelie's was recently ranked the 17th best bakery in the world by Buzzfeed.

Thanks to its redesigned Backlot and exciting restaurant offerings, Park Road Shopping Center has become a destination that's lively throughout the day and into the evening. In the coming months, there will be additional retail and development announcements for the Backlot.

Initially opened in 1956, Park Road Shopping Center has long been one of the most popular and storied retail centers in Charlotte. EDENS has worked to preserve the center's sense of place and close community ties, while enhancing the family-friendly atmosphere and diverse merchandising mix.