Technology can enhance the dining experience for consumers short on time but who crave personalization, according to new National Restaurant Association research.

The association’s 2016 Restaurant Industry Forecast found that diners increasingly rely on smartphone apps, tablets, self-serve kiosks and other tech to make orders faster, easier and more accurate.

One in four customers factors in technology when deciding where to eat.

Among millennials, the availability of technology is an important factor when choosing a restaurant. Thirty-two percent of 18- to 34-year-olds say it factors into their choice of quickservice restaurant, while 28 percent say it helps them make their fullservice restaurant choices.

Among regular smartphone and tablet users in 2015, nearly one-quarter went online at least once a month to look up restaurant nutrition information. Twelve percent said they did so at least weekly.

To learn more about technology and the restaurant industry, the NRA’s 2016 Show will feature a wide range of educational sessions, including “On the Rise: Cinnabon’s Progressive POS.” Joe Guith, president of Cinnabon will speak at the May 23 session. A secure POS experience is critical for protecting consumer data during transactions and beyond. Learn how Cinnabon's cutting edge POS has grown acquisition and retention along with improving the employee experience.

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