King Arthur Flour has introduced identity-preserved 100% whole grain white whole wheat flour, a new product that adheres to the company’s field-to-flour sustainable farming practices program.

“Ingredients matter, and we want a flour that you can feel good about,” said Karen Colberg, co-chief executive officer of King Arthur Flour. “We have been working tirelessly the last few years to bring a flour to the market that makes a difference, connects bakers and farmers, and allows for transparency.”

King Arthur said the identity-preserved white wheat is grown from certified hard white winter wheat seeds that are selected through field and baking tests. The flour retains all the nutritional advantages of traditional whole wheat, but with a “lighter color and milder taste,” the company said.

“By choosing this flour, consumers are supporting farmers who employ sustainable farming practices that include no-till, crop rotation and using less water,” King Arthur said.