On just 10.76 square feet of space, combi ovens can replace many conventional cooking appliances, such as stoves, boilers, grills and more. They are easy to use, self-cleaning – even overnight, and save up to 70 percent in energy compared to a traditional kitchen without a combi oven. Thus, they even pay for themselves in under a year, according to Rational.

Combi ovens bring restaurants, hotels, and other commercial kitchens many advantages. The appliances are suitable for all establishments that serve 30 meals or more a day during peak times.

“The Rational SelfCookingCenter is easy to use.  You press a button, load the food, and it rings when it is done cooking.  That’s efficiency!” says Didier Lailheugue, executive chef of the InterContinental Buckhead Atlanta.

Combi ovens combine the benefits of steaming, such as short cooking times, higher yields, and juiciness, with the advantages of convection heat, which provides intensive aromas, appetizing colors, and crispy crusts. They are easy enough to use that even inexperienced kitchen staff can consistently achieve superior results without constant monitoring.

"We have once again updated our latest model, the SelfCookingCenter 5 Senses, to include numerous applications especially for the US market," states Billy Buck, national corporate chef for Rational USA.  Out of all appliances, the SelfCookingCenter 5 Senses is the only model that prepares all dishes exactly as the chef specifies at the touch of a button. It automatically recognizes the size, quantity, and condition of the food being cooked. It adjusts all of the settings specifically for the products and the chef's desired result.

“Plus, there is over 40 years of cooking research built into this new appliance,” adds Buck.