Premium toast has quickly become a popular item on menus across the country. In fact, Flavor & The Menu included it as one of their top ten flavor trends for 2015. Foodservice operators can take advantage of this rising trend with artisan bread recipes in the new Top Toast program from Euro-Bake. 

“Top Toast is a program we developed to help operators leverage the profitable artisanal toast trend,” says Scott Rosenberg, director of marketing and customer service for Lantmännen Unibake USA. “Fresh, local and seasonal ingredients paired with Euro-Bake’s top-quality breads create the perfect artisanal toast recipes for any operation.”

The Top Toast program features five artisan bread recipes developed by the culinary experts at Food IQ.

“Toast is the comfort food we didn’t know we wanted,” says Food IQ’s Mindy Armstrong. “Carefully selected bread toasted to perfection is the perfect carrier for a variety of toppings.”

Recipes such as Brussels Sprouts Salad Grilled Toast use flavorful ingredients such as smoky bacon, fried Brussels sprouts and zesty lemon atop new, thinly-sliced Crusty Sports Bread. While the Sweet Farmhouse Country Toast with Figs and Honey uses local ingredients, including local honey and bee pollen, to leverage the farm-to-table trend. The multigrain Farmhouse Country Loaf, which serves as the base for Sweet Farmhouse Country Toast is loaded with a multitude of ingredients, including: flax seeds, banana chips, apple pieces and toasted soy grits.

To view all of the Top Toast recipes or to learn more about Euro-Bake, visit or call 1-630-963-4781.