The NPD Group is now offering food companies and foodservice chains a market mapping analytic service that provides a fact-based behavior framework to uncover visitor consumption drivers, highlight competitive advantage, locate sources of change, and identify opportunities.

With market-mapping service for food businesses, NPD offers a holistic platform across occasions, consumers, and needs that enable food businesses to grow their business from every angle. The end product is often a comprehensive roadmap that points them in the right direction of new opportunities involving products, daypart expansion, menu items, and many aspects of innovation. Market mapping service for food businesses can also measure the impact of marketing efforts based on behavioral outcomes. 

“There may be other market mapping services out there but none benefit from more than three decades of actual in- and away-from-home consumption behavior,” said George Terhanian, president of solutions for NPD. “Market mapping service for food businesses gives food companies and foodservice chains a full perspective of their businesses, thereby enabling them to make more informed decisions about their brands, offerings, and services.  The benefits multiply when they integrate their own consumer segmentation schemes into the analyses the new service offers.”

In addition to market mapping, NPD offers a wide range of analytic services, including consumer segmentation research, cohort analysis and market forecasting, and a variety of marketing effectiveness methodologies, such as choice modeling, key driver analysis, and assortment analytics.