In honor of the Super Bowl 50, pastry chef and owner of Ava’s Cupcakes, Michelle Spell has created a selection of game day-inspired cupcakes. Available for a limited time, guests can select from 12 different favorites including cakes made with popular stouts like Blue Moon, Corona and Guinness. Orders can be placed on the phone, online or in-store. Gluten-free cupcakes are also available.

Below are the 12 flavors guests can choose from:

  • Root beer Float – Root beer infused cake with swirls of Root beer buttercream
  • Red Hot Red Velvet – Spicy red velvet cake with ribbons of cayenne infused cream cheese frosting
  • Sweet & Salty – chocolate cake with crushed Ruffles baked inside, topped with milk chocolate ganache, swirls of chocolate buttercream and a chocolate covered Ruffle on top
  • Blue Moon – Blue Moon cake, topped with ribbons of citrus infused buttercream
  • Caramel Stout – Guinness Stout cake, topped with swirls of caramel cream cheese
  • Corona & Lime – Corona infused cake, fresh lime curd filling, vanilla buttercream, jelly lime slice
  • Beer & Pretzels – stout cake, salted vanilla buttercream, topped with pretzels rods and chocolate drizzle
  • Ava's Official '50' Cupcake –  classic chocolate cake, vanilla buttercream, dusted with gold glitter and a chocolate '50'
  • Omaha, Bronco, Panthers, Newton Cupcakes – classic vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream, topped with edible deal logo