Rabobank North America Wholesale today made a healthy choice in naming NuTek Food Science as its Emerging Leader in Innovation Award winner for its two reduced-sodium products: NuTek Salt and Salt for Life. Both products (referred to as "Nature's Alternative Salt") use the necessary and under-consumed nutrient potassium to help reduce sodium in salty dishes.

"We received multiple nominations for this award, but ultimately NuTek Food Science's innovative approach to improving health and wellness while maintaining taste is what set it apart," said Rajiv Singh, CEO, Rabobank North America Wholesale. "Being innovative is critical for us as a bank in the way we support our clients, and it is at the heart of what keeps the Food and Agribusiness industry so dynamic. With this award, we hope to shine a spotlight on the next bright ideas in the F&A space. We are thrilled that NuTek Food Science is the recipient."

All salt products from NuTek Food Science use naturally-sourced potassium salt to deliver significant sodium reduction, making them a healthier alternative to traditional sodium salt. NuTek Salt is for use by food manufacturers and restaurant chains, providing 30 to 50 percent reductions in sodium versus regular sodium salt. For consumer use at home the Salt for Life brand is a blend of NuTek Salt and sea salt, to provide 75 percent less sodium than regular table salt.

"There is a macro-societal health imperative to reduce sodium in our everyday diets which our revolutionary alternative salts are addressing," said Tom Manuel, Co-Founder and CEO at NuTek Food Science. "NuTek's products are helping people around the world lower their sodium intake and increase their potassium intake, while still providing the salty flavor they love. We're honored to be named the Emerging Leader in Innovation by Rabobank."

Each year at its annual Client Appreciation Events in New York City, Rabobank honors an organization that addresses issues in the food and agribusiness space in a new and innovative way.