Whether they’re heading to Grandma’s house or trying to escape the winter weather, travelers can eat healthy throughout the holiday season. Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) has been named one of the healthiest airports in the nation by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. PHL tied for third place with San Francisco International Airport.

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine conducts its study by surveying registered dieticians and considering several healthy-eating criteria, including the availability of cholesterol-free, plant-based and fiber-packed meals. PHL jumped up eight spots on the list this year, after tying for 11th place in the 2014 survey.

“We’re looking for fiber-packed menu items that prevent blood sugar levels from spiking and promote fullness,” says Cameron Wells, M.P.H., R.D., associate director of clinical nutrition with the Physicians Committee. “Salads that mix a leafy green base and are topped with root vegetables, lentils or beans and whole grains, and garnished with fresh fruit, nuts, or seeds is always a great find.”

Throughout all seven terminals, 82 percent of PHL’s restaurants offer healthy meals and received special recognition from the Committee. Sky Asian Bistro was complimented for its offering of mixed green salads, miso soup, seaweed salad, edamame, vegetable spring rolls, avocado rolls and cucumber rolls. Travelers in a rush can grab a quick hummus sandwich, fruit, salads and other nutritious snacks from Good 2 Go. Philly staple Tony Luke’s was recognized for its veggie sandwich, packed with broccoli rabe, spinach, sweet peppers and onions and slathered in marinara sauce. Saladworks, Angelina’s Panini Bar, Cibo Bistro and Local Tavern are among other restaurants acknowledged in the study results.

“MarketPlace PHL is proud to provide healthy dining options that span many different cuisines, from grab-and-go entrées to sit-down meals,” said Mel Hannah, vice president and general manager of Philadelphia MarketPlace. “To be included among the top three healthiest airports in the United States is a testament to our diverse lineup of food offerings.”

The Physicians Committee collected 1,227 restaurant menus from airports considered in 2015. Survey methods include in-person visits, internet research and phone calls with restaurant managers to confirm menu items. The final percentage score for each airport divides the airport’s number of restaurants serving health-conscious fare by its total number of restaurants. For more information about survey methodology and the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, visit www.AirportFoodReview.org.