General Mills reported on progress it has made against its publicly stated commitment to reduce sodium by 20 percent across 10 key U.S. retail product categories by the end of 2015. General Mills has met or exceeded its stated goal in seven of ten categories, with reductions across the 10 categories ranging from 18 to 35 percent. 

The industry-leading effort encompasses sodium reduction initiatives on more than 350 of the company's products, or more than one-third of its current U.S. Retail sales volume. The categories include cereals, dry dinners, frozen pizza, Mexican dinners, refrigerated dough products, savory snacks, canned vegetables, side dishes, soups, and variety baking mixes.  

Significant progress was also made in the three categories in which General Mills did not meet the aggressive 20 percent target, including a 19 percent sodium reduction in ready-to-serve soup, a 19 percent reduction in Mexican products and an 18 percent reduction in cereal.