Unsurprisingly, Friday and Saturday are the most popular pizza days. What caught data experts at Lavu, an iPad point-of-sale system provider, off guard was how frequently pizza was eaten for breakfast (7% of the time), which we defined as anything sold between 6am-10am. Predictably, pizza prices increased the closer you got to either coast. Residents of smaller cities saved a whopping 19% per pizza over their urban counterparts.

Traditional ingredients such as pepperoni, mushroom and onion are definite topping favorites. However, less traditional ingredients such as chicken (30%), seafood (12%), and bacon (25%), also top the list. Okay, bacon really isn’t that surprising. As for anchovies, they’re more myth than reality, appearing on fewer than 1% of pizzas.

Don’t let all this pizza talk fool you. While Lavu’s point-of-sale system works great for pizzerias, it doesn’t stop there. Restaurants, bars, nightclubs, coffee shops, food trucks, diners and breweries all over the world use Lavu to effectively manage their operations with customized reporting and live sales figures. Visit lavu.com or call 855-767-5288 to learn more.