Metro Croissants moved its production from its owner's residential kitchen to the community kitchen at The Hildebrandt in order to meet increased demand for their products.

Metro Croissants is excited to join another Cleveland institution, the Hildebrandt Building.  Hildebrandt Co. started in the late 1800s as a family owned meat processing firm.  Today, it is a hub for local artists and food entrepreneurs. 

The Hildebrandt Building, located near the famous West Side Market in Ohio City's Clark-Fulton neighborhood, houses the newest space for Cleveland's food entrepreneurs.  The community kitchen is a place which allows individuals and corporations to fulfill their culinary dreams and needs.  It is outfitted with all the essential tools and equipment needed for any modern day culinary entrepreneur.  The building is also able to support tasting rooms and entertainment on the loading dock. 

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Metro Croissants provides an edible French experience for the northeast Ohio area.  The company was founded in 2013 by Debbie Holzheimer in her kitchen.  She taught herself to make croissants after tasting them in Paris while on vacation.  In addition to the traditional plain butter croissant, the product line has grown to include filled versions of the pastry.  She went on to develop a vegan croissant that has become a bestseller.  The increased demand for her vegan pastries meant a larger work and inventory space was needed.  She found these at The Hildebrandt. 

The Hildebrandt Building houses local artists, food entrepreneurs, culinary artisans and food production.  Today over 20 local artists, including jewelers, sculptors, painters and fashion designers, take up studio space in the building which is located just minutes away from the Historic Westside Market in Ohio City's Clark-Fulton Neighborhood.  The Hildebrandt – where art & food meat community.  Visit us at