Bay State Milling has expanded its BeneGrain line of sprouted ingredients to include ancient grains and seeds. The new sprouted ingredients are amaranth, millet, quinoa, chia and brown flax. The Quincy-based company already offers spouted wheat and brown rice.

The BeneGrain sprouted grains and seeds are available in both whole and milled forms, conventional and organic certified. They are germinated to activate enzymes, which results in increased availability and digestibility of key nutrients, according to Bay State Milling.

“The addition of ancient grain and seed offerings is a natural extension of the BeneGrain line,” said Colleen Zammer, director of product marketing. “We are confident that we have developed a selection of sprouted whole grains and flours that deliver convenience, consistency and increased flavor balance to the marketplace. These ingredients have been proven in a variety of applications, and by incorporating BeneGrain, our customers can deliver grain-based foods with improved taste and digestibility while enhancing functionality.”