Canadians in Toronto and Vancouver will be among the first in the world to experience a sparkling new twist on tea with the launch of new Teavana Sparkling Tea Juices. A beverage like no other, Teavana Sparkling Tea Juices combine premium Teavana Iced Tea with real fruit juice bases and carbonation to create a truly unparalleled iced beverage experience that is refreshing and delicious. July 7th also marks the national expansion of Starbucks Cold Brew, the latest in a series of coffee experiences highlighting the skillful craft of our baristas and Starbucks high-quality coffee.

"Year after year we are evolving our core coffee and tea platforms to bring the latest trends and elevated taste experiences to our customers across the country," says Kevin Reid, director, Food & Beverage, Starbucks Canada.  "We're thrilled that Canadians are among the first in the world to taste our refreshing new handcrafted Teavana Sparkling Tea Juices and that we're introducing the country to our smooth, rich Cold Brew on a scale that is currently unmatched."

Available in two flavors, Teavana Sparkling Black Tea & Tangerine and Teavana Sparkling Passion Tango/mc Tea & Pineapple, Teavana Sparkling Tea Juices are available in select stores in Toronto and Vancouver beginning July 7.

To prepare the Teavana Sparkling Tea Juices, select stores in Toronto and Vancouver are now equipped with Starbucks proprietary Fizzio machines, conceived and developed in-house with some of the top carbonation experts in the industry. As customization is a cornerstone of the Starbucks Experience, the Starbucks Fizzio machine was built with the capability to adjust the amount of carbonization in beverages.