Secret Sun Salt will display its inaugural line of reduced and full sodium sea salts for commercial food preparation at the Institute of Food Technologists Tradeshow (IFT) at booth 5522 on July 11-15.

Available with 25 percent, 35 percent, and 45 percent less sodium than traditional sea salts, the company’s patented sea salts deliver a natural single-crystal structure of sodium chloride and schoenite, rather than a blend, to preserve taste in consumer foods and suit a wide range of food applications. All Secret Sun salts feature all-natural sea salt that is sun and wind harvested using patent-protected processes at the company’s exclusive location in Baja California Sur, Mexico, which also serves as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and wildlife refuge preserving the delicate ecosystem of the special lagoon.

“In order to make a true impact on reducing the high levels of sodium consumers are eating on a daily basis, it needs to be easy for food companies and manufacturers large and small to create reduced sodium options for consumers without sacrificing taste or quality,” said Ramona Cappello, Secret Sun Salt founder and CEO. “With nearly 30 percent of adults suffering from hypertension and 52 percent seeking a reduced salt option to meet their heart health needs, we’re thrilled to provide a healthful and natural solution that delivers all the traditional flavors people expect from their food.”

Secret Sun Salts are the perfect low-sodium solution made using a patented process that delivers reduced bitterness for use in a wide variety of food manufacturing applications, including baked goods, meat and poultry processing, snack foods, pre-packaged and prepared restaurant meals and more. The entire line is available in a wide variety of grinds ranging from coarse, fine grain, extra fine and powder forms. The first company to offer 25 and 35 percent low sodium sea salt, Secret Sun Salt products were created to enable food manufacturers and formulators to reduce the sodium content in packaged and prepared food and beverage products without sacrificing taste or flavor.  The company also offers pure 99.9+ percent sodium chloride sea salt ranging from powder to coarse forms that are harvested using a regular sea salt patent.