Waffles are a unique item that can be served throughout the day.

To-go breakfast options have become an integral option for the retail bakery to offer. Muffins, donuts, and even homemade pop-tarts have staked their claim in the bakery as the standard breakfast options, yet there’s another contender. The versatile waffle makes a great bakery item to serve during breakfast. And, with many Americans adopting the “breakfast throughout the day” mentality, the waffle possesses the potential to offer an everyday addition to the menu.

For Breakfast

Of course, you’ll want to offer the traditional style waffle breakfasts. One or two waffles, a side or two with maple syrup and maybe another syrup option will get you started. You can always dress up the waffle with some fresh fruit, powdered sugar, chocolate chips, etc., for an upcharge. But if you’re going to offer waffles, you should add something else a little different to the menu.

The waffle gives bakeries an excellent platform for adding to its breakfast sandwich lineup. A bakery can stuff any number of various fillers between two waffles for a breakfast sandwich. If you already offer breakfast sandwiches, you can keep the same filler options and simply use waffles as your bread option. Or use different filler options with the waffle sandwiches to create specialty items. This will create an initial buzz with regular customers and possibly draw in new business.

All Day

Serving breakfast throughout the day and evening was once considered novel. It was something that one or maybe two places in town (depending on the town) did. However, the trend of extending breakfast hours throughout the day has become something more retail food outlets practice regularly. With breakfast consisting of many consumers’ most loved comfort foods, it makes perfect sense.  

Waffles can be dressed with savory toppings when served at lunch or dinner.

The waffle certainly qualifies as comfort food. Waffles provide the diner with an emotional connection that can’t be found in any other common lunch and dinner offerings. Diners looking for comfort foods don’t care about the time of day; they want to eat what they want when they want to eat it. Bakeries should use this attitude to strengthen sales and customer loyalty.


Choosing to make waffles in the bakery or source them from an outside vendor, will depend on the program you want implement, your bakery’s clientele, and a host of other variables. Ultimately, the decision on how to offer waffles at the bakery belongs to the owner and management. Either way, the choice to offer waffles is a step toward taking advantage of this comfort food, breakfast, favorite.