Approximately one third to one half of all cancers are preventable. That's why Jason's Deli and The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center are expanding their healthy alliance by introducing a new, nutrient-rich Quinoa, Shrimp & Mango Salad as part of the "Strike Through Cancer" campaign.

Jason's Deli's Quinoa, Shrimp & Mango Salad
Jason's Deli chefs and MD Anderson dieticians and cancer prevention researchers collaborated over several months to develop the salad, specifically designed with nutrition in mind. The chefs worked with different combinations of nutrient-dense ingredients identified by the MD Anderson team until they landed on a taste and presentation they knew would delight Jason's Deli guests.

"Our alliance with Jason's Deli extends far beyond fundraising. It is based on our mutual interest in providing people with accessible and healthy dining options, especially promoting a diet that is largely plant based and may have the potential to reduce the risk of cancer," said Therese Bevers, M.D., professor, Clinical Cancer Prevention at MD Anderson Cancer Center.  "This collaboration is a great reminder that there are steps we can take every day to reduce the chances of a future diagnosis."

The nutrient-rich salad is specifically designed as a convenient and healthy dining option in accordance with the American Institute of Cancer Research's and World Cancer Research Fund's guidelines for cancer risk reduction.

Not only is the salad packed with flavor and fresh ingredients such as fruit, vegetables and whole grains, it only contains approximately 310 calories for an entree portion.

Watch the trailer for the salad here.