Lots of dreaming goes into celebrating the ultimate quinceañera, a teenaged Latina's 15th birthday party. As an important coming-of-age tradition in many Latin American countries, as well as here in the U.S., having that perfect party takes months, if not years, of effort, planning and saving to make sure that this big formal family affair goes off without a hitch.

To make any quinceañera event flawlessly sweet this summer, the National Honey Board has partnered with the ultimate modern-day quinceañera expert, planner and stylist, Hilda Gabriela Hernandez, to offer teens and their parents the perfect honey-based menu, beauty regime and cost effective party planning ideas for the main event. Quinceañeras will not only look their best but guests will always remember the event's golden honey-based notes in dishes, beverages and even party favors.

"More than just a party, a quinceañera is the milestone rite of passage that young Latinas dream about since they were little girls," shared Hernandez, founder of ModernQuinceanera.com and expert with over 10 years of experience specifically in the quinceañera industry. "Looking your best for the big event is top of mind, having lots of fun and enjoying scrumptious food is the goal. And what better to celebrate the sweet quinceañera tradition than with nature's gold: honey."