After invading booze, as well as taking over snacks, and fast food, sriracha is sneaking into sweets, too, according to a new report by Or, at least, that’s how it's shaping up in Harlem, where owner Moha Orchid is serving donuts topped with sour cream, almond silvers, and a decorative ring of rooster sauce at his newly opened Jolie Patisserie.

Jolie, though, isn’t even the first uptown bakery to throw a donut into the ring of Huy Fong-accented foods. Way back in 2013, local favorite Dough Loco debuted a fruitier raspberry sriracha donut that earned some devoted fans of its own.

Orchid came to New York from Normandy in his early 20s with only 100 francs in his pocket, he said. He found work in various kitchens downtown until he opened his own restaurant, Cookies and CousCous, in the West Village in 1990.

“I found a space, went to the bank and said, ‘Please, I am so talented. I cook it all from Sloppy Joes to caviar,’” he said. “She asked me how much I wanted, I was like, ‘I love this country.’”

In late April, he opened Jolie Patisserie at 2453 Seventh Ave., where he serves Moroccan cookies, French pastries, Austrian Danishes, and a donut topped with sriracha, sour cream and almonds.