Just Label It initially will call out Quaker Oats in its “Conceal or Reveal” campaign, which will identify brand name food companies that fund state and federal efforts to block mandatory GMO labeling. Consumers may go to www.justlabelit.org/quaker to join the campaign.

The Just Label It project was formed in 2011 to promote organic food and to advocate for mandatory labeling of food products with bioengineered ingredients/genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Just Label It has more than 700 corporate and non-profit supporters.

Just Label It on April 29 said it initially will target Quaker Oats, a company owned by PepsiCo, Inc., because of the brand’s reputation as a producer of healthy snacks and other foods. Just Label It said PepsiCo has spent $8.8 million to oppose GMO labeling referendums in four states.

A spokesperson for PepsiCo, Purchase, N.Y., said GMO labeling is an industry issue and directed a request for comment to the Grocery Manufacturers Association, Washington. The GMA has said mandatory labeling could mislead consumers into believing that foods produced through modern biotechnology are different or prevent a potential risk, even though the Food and Drug Administration and other scientific bodies have determined the foods are safe.